The Benefits of Becoming a Verified Account on Instagram

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If you want to start marketing on Instagram, then all you really need is an account. With an account, youíll be able to start posting images and linking back to your page and your services.

But while this is true, itís also true that itís worth going the extra mile in order to set up the best kind of account possible ñ if you want to maximize your sales potential and your success. That means many different things, but it particularly means getting your account verified. Hereís why and what that means.

What is a Verified Account?

On Instagram, you can choose any name and profile image you like for your account. That means that you could very easily create a profile pretending to be a famous celebrity, or to represent a big brand. Of course, this can then create a number of issues as users struggle to know who is the real deal. By getting your account verified, you essentially tell Instagram that you are the one true YOU and that way you get a small badge to denote that fact by your name in the search results. This reassures users that yours is the official account for that brand or name.

Why Get Verified?

So thatís what a verified account is. The next question is why you need to go about getting it verified.
On the one hand a verified account gives you the authority that comes from being the genuine article. This means that anyone looking for your brand will know to click on your account, and it of course helps you to avoid copycats and fakers!
At the same time though, verification also acts as a stamp of authority for those that donít know your brand. This suggests a certain level of notoriety, and therefore that you must be a serious player in your niche.
Then thereís the fact that being verified will give you access to additional features. One of the most important of these is the ability to link to external sites from a story. Users just have to swipe up on your story, and theyíll be taken to the page youíve chosen. This makes it possible to sell directly from a story, which is huge.
Another big advantage of this, is that having a verified account allows you to create IGTV videos running for several hours.
So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get verified ñ it takes five minutes!


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