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About April

I have been in the makeup artistry styling industry for over 20 years now.

“Yeah, somehow that happened. So , definitely I’m not green on the scene here.”

I’ve got a little bit of experience under my belt, I started super young in this industry when I was 16, I actually started professionally. My first cosmetic boutique’s job was at Merle Norman. I was always a lover of makeup, cosmetics, makeup, artistry. I ended up being there for a while, moved on to a few other jobs, and eventually decided years later, You know what? I want to be my own boss. You know, corporate America was just not for me.


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I’m sure many of you can get on that same page with me. You wish to go out and run, your own business. I know there’s a lot of boss babes out there just like myself, who are looking to just kill this thing on their own. So I know you recognize where I’m coming from.

I made a choice to start freelancing and started my own company and went out on my own to see if I could give this thing a whirl. I had a lot of experience throughout the years managing different companies beforehand, and I just kind of took all of that experience that I had on and sort of used it in building my own career. And needless to say, here I am, 20 some years later, loving life and loving what I’m doing.
It is fantastic meeting new people every week and networking with other businesses. My main business these days consists of weddings, being booked with weddings every week. I have I’ve got an excellent team of stylists that work with me. I’ve known some for years now. I built this superb team, booked with weddings every week, which has always been my passion and love. I absolutely adore the wedding industry. I’ve met some fantastic photographers along the way who I am booked solid, continually doing photoshoots regularly with, every week. Have a team of wedding planners that are recommending me on a weekly bases. Busy Life.
The other end of my business is I love teaching women how to apply their makeup and how to feel amazing. I teach what to do with their makeup products, what products work, and what products don’t. That’s a massive part of my business.
So that’s a little bit of a summary about my background, where I came from.
But that is just my background I not here to boast.

Soooo, why am I here?

Though the cosmetic industry, the makeup artistry industry, the styling industry has exploded in the last decade. I mean, it has just gone bonkers. So much so that I mean, come on, guys, you know it. You can turn on a YouTube video and type in makeup tutorial. Type Makeup artist techniques, type in anything you want. And you’re gonna see a million makeup artists on there, just doing their thing trying to do makeup application and, trying to like kill it that way and showing people. Hey, I’m an expert here. I’m an expert there. I’m a pro, which good for them and I am all about that, absolutely. Go put yourself out there.

But……My fellow artists and stylists were struggling with the know-how. Throughout my journey meeting all of the different makeup artists and hairstylists made me come to the conclusion finding one thing as a common denominator. I was continually seeing and meeting so many stylists and artists who were sort of just floundering. They were wanting to kill it in the beauty industry, they were wanting to be booked constantly, however, they were unable to leave that, full time or part-time day job and give that up to turn to launch their own styling companies, makeup artistry careers and do it full time. This kind of brought me to where I am today The one thing that I haven’t seen is, once these makeup artists and stylist get certified and get their licensing or get their experience training, they’re left with these certifications, and skills, but they don’t know what to do to create a successful business. Successful businesses are not taught in schools.

Artists and stylists, who come to me and talk shop, say the one thing that’s lacking in this industry is how to run their business. What tools do we need

Topics like.......

They tell me, I wanted to do this, thought this would be such a great business to get into, went through the training, went through certification, but I kind of feel like they didn’t tell me how to run my business successfully. And are like, I don’t know what to do out here.

That’s what I’m hearing all the time. New exciting Journey
I am embarking on a really exciting journey. I want all of you all to be a part of this with me.
What I am doing right now is, I’m working as a mentor, a coach, teacher .
I want to show you the way guys with that being said, my goal. At this point in my business, I’m happy where I’m at. I’m loving life. I’m loving it. I mean, so blessed with the way my business has grown.
One thing that’s missing for me and one thing that I love that I want to do more of is, build women up, build artists up, build stylists up to be empowered and have the right tools that they need to grow their own successful businesses.

My goal in life is to share the experiences that I have had and lessons learned. All the ups and downs I have had in my business. For your benefit. I found out what works, what doesn’t work. I have built a successful model that I basically could hand you an outline A B C D. Showing you, follow these steps, and you too can be successful.

My drive in life is just to build stylists up so that you can have what you want. You can let go of all of the things in life that are holding you back. You can have time with your family. You can have time to travel. You can pick and choose the bookings that you want to take. You can build a team if that’s what you want to. I’m talking freedom, real, freedom, to run the business you have always thought about! The life that you’ve always dreamed of and build that successful artistry and styling career.
This is what I want to give back.
I know how to do it. I want to show you, and I can get you there.

So if you’re on board and want to come on this journey with me, you need to follow because I have a lot of stuff happening right now. It’s happening, I want to share my knowledge with you. I want to share my experience with you. I want to share my know-how with you. I want to give it. I want to give it away.

I love all of you dreamers out there. I’ve always been a dreamer. You know, the bigger the dream, the better the life.
Okay. And I am right there with you, all right? And I want to give you all the tools to success you need to make that dream turn into a reality, and we’re gonna do this together, so I’m super excited.

Buckle your seatbelts.
It's gonna be an exciting ride, and I can't wait to do it together.

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