Small Business Challenges, Roadblocks, and lies

small business challenges

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Hey, guys, I want to have a little discussion today on the topic.

Small Business Challenges, Roadblocks, and lies.

What are your business challenges, mental roadblocks, and the lies that you tell yourself to stop you from excelling to the next level in your business? We all do it. Let’s face it. Okay, We’re human. We all get in our heads from time to time. I have done this so many times over and over. I still do this, and it’s a battle.

It’s a battle to overcome and not lie to myself. I need to make sure that I’m telling myself truths, you know, and not hiding behind the fears and self-doubt. That can hinder me and stop my potential growth for success. So I’m curious how many of you have these issues?

If there were things you could do if there were things you can tell yourself if there were concrete steps that you could follow on a daily routine toe, help you conquer these fears and breakthrough these roadblocks, these mental roadblocks that you have, would you follow it?

I think it’s important to discuss for a minute some of the challenges that pop up and our small businesses.

Let’s face it, boss babes. We all go through it. Some of the business challenges that I know I have personally dealt with, and I still deal with it.

How many of you struggle with motivation? The motivation to start to take that step, to say, I’m going to do this today, I’m going to call those leads. I’m going to follow up on those leads.
Do you know how many of you make a plan at night? And then when the morning comes, you sit there, and you struggle, and you say, maybe today’s not the day to do it. You know how many of you fight this battle every day, over and over. It’s a slippery slope, you know? And then you get into the routine of just knocking yourself down, filling your head with doubt, okay, that you’re not good enough. You’re never going to be like that pro out there who you see who’s all insta famous and all over, you Facebook. You see tons of followers. You’re never going to be like this pro out there.

Do you know how many of you have those insecurities and fill yourself with these lies? Well, today is going to be the day you’re going to stop. We’re stopping those trends. Okay? We’re going to start creating new habits. Today is your day. If you are reading this blog right now, it is for a reason.

I know that you were lead here for a reason. Everything has a purpose in life. And today it’s your purpose to figure out how to break through those mental roadblocks and lies that you’ve been telling yourself that are holding you down. We’re going to break through this stuff and propel ourselves to the next level. Propel your business to the next level of growth. Okay, you were led here for a reason. So we’re going to do this together.

I’m going to give you the tips, give you the steps, let you know all of the things because I know all the questions you’re asking yourself. I know all the self-doubt that you’re filling your head. I understand it. I have been there. Trust me. I have been there. I’ve had to pull myself up out of the slumps that I’ve been in and correct my thinking on my own. I have been there, and I understand how you feel. I want to walk you through this.

You know what?

We sit here, we wonder, and we’re like, you know, am I good enough? Can I can I do this business on my own? Am I going to be able to make the money I need and is my client going to have the confidence in me that I’m going to be able to execute these looks I need to do for her wedding day or her event or the photoshoot? You know, if you have struggled with any of these things that we’ve just talked about, then this course is for you.

Let’s get to the grit, the down and dirty of what goes on in this big mental block that we have going on up here, let’s clear the clutter in our brains. I’m going to show you the tools, walk you through this, get you to the next level you need to be so that you can propel your business to grow.


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