How to Get Bridal Makeup Clients – Lead the Perfect Bridal Makeup Trial

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Let’s run through the trial format. Let’s talk beauty bridal makeup trials

How to set up that perfect bridal makeup trial format. I’m going to give you my top tips and touch on these details a little bit. Give you the skinny on the perfect bridal makeup trial. 

I have a verbatim script format outline available for you. 

I want to touch on these hot topics a little bit and give you some of my essential pro tips for having the perfect makeup bridal trial. 

The first face to face meet and greet

The way that this is outlined is you want to start with a consultation?

A bridal makeup consultation is critical. Always begin your bridal trials with a one on one personal consultation. Sit that client down, and go over exactly what they should expect throughout the trial makeup and/or hair process.

The reason you do this and why you will put the time in is it’s essential to reiterate and connect with your bride once you have her in-person to build on the rapport and trust connection that you were initially forming in your phone consultation. The phone conversation one that got her to your chair. Rather than just jumping into making over her face, which can come off as cold and impersonal. This might take a little bit of your time but will help in closing your client. 

If there is any questions or concerns your bride has, this will be the time to address them before you start.

It should be all about putting fires out before they start. Let’s set you up for success in the best way possible.

I think a lot of that has to do with the consultation, reiteration, and education. The more you do this and the more fluid you become with this and your delivery, the more successful you’ll be and confident in the closing of the bride. 

Key points

  • Take your time.
  • Chat with your client.
  • Your there to service them.
  • Address all questions or concerns.

Create the perfect closing

It’s all about how to get you to that perfect closing. A bridal trial consultation is vital. Take the time; sit her down in the chair, and spend a good 10 minutes, maybe 15 minutes, depending on the client. Remember you are here to service her. You are there to answer any questions she has.

It is her special day, and she wants to look beautiful. Don’t let your ego get in the way what her vision is.

What you should be doing is setting the stage for what she can expect, moving forward with you in the trial appointment.  

Show that you are a professional makeup artist or hairstylist, and I take them seriously. Being professional starts with you, not your skill level. 

Frame out your process, map it out, let the client know….

  • What we’re about to do.
  • Talk to her about your makeup and hair inspirations “inspo pics” photos. 
  •  Go over the beauty ring light, why it is essential. 
  • The final reveal and what her expectations should be. 

 Explain, Explain, Explain…… Leave nothing out

Give her permission.

I think that it is a huge advantage to make your bridal clients feel comfortable; most people usually don’t object to most makeup artists’ work. For whatever reason, they don’t speak up. You never want to get caught in this kind of sticky situation? If your client doesn’t feel comfortable and safe enough with you to communicate her concerns, then you’re not going to close her.

The bride will say something like, “Okay, Yeah, it looks good.” but the client will feel insecure about expressing their feelings with you and chances are they will drop off, and you’ll never hear from her after the bridal trial. 

Make it a point to let her know your confidence in the process 

Say something like…

“Hey, I think I’m gonna nail the look. However, you know, just in case and at the final reveal when you take a look, if something is off, no matter how tiny it might be, maybe you want the liner wing down a little bit more. Maybe we need to enhance the lip color. Maybe we need to tone down the bronzer. If there’s anything that needs tweaking when we do the final reveal tell me. Once we pinpoint what that is, I’ll sit you back down in my chair; I will make those corrections. And when you look a second time again, it will be perfect.”

So again, consultation is key

The consultation is key, reiterating, educating, and going through what to expect with the entire trial process. 

Beauty ring light and the difference in lighting

At this point, after you’ve consulted with her about the general process, make sure you go over the ring light and the difference it makes.

 This is so important. You want to make sure that your client understands that when she sees her final reveal in the photos that we take with the ring light that once she goes to the hallway mirror or the bathroom mirror to look at it in person, up close and personal, you have to explain to her the difference between your ring light and the standard dim bathroom lighting or hallway lighting. 

Let her know she can expect to possibly see some shadows or darkness coming off her face and hitting her. 

It’s about putting out those fires before they start. 

So when she goes and looks at her makeup look and now that you have talked about the lighting issue, she’s not going to say, “it seems so dark. And I’m not sure my eyes look so dark and the liner I just don’t know.” 

You’re putting her concerns out of their mind because she already understands that when she sees it. She is now informed and knows how to process the issue. When she sees it, and she’s going to see it’s dimmer, the lighting is darker. It’s casting shadows. She’ll be like, “Oh, yeah, I see what you mean between the ring light and the bathroom lighting. Oh, but it still looks amazing.

You have solved the problem before it started. It’s all about how to get you further to the closing.

1. bridal consultation

2. talk about the lighting issues….

3. Your makeup artistry

We are not going to talk about applying makeup; you should have some skills already. If not, you might need to take one of my makeup classes.

Do not let your bridal client peak.

A huge tip to follow, and what can make or break you. 

Simply put, do not allow the client see the look before it is time to show her the final reveal in the photo. Do not let her peak. There’s no peeking allowed.

  • No clients put in front of mirrors.
  • No halfway point where they ask to see.
  • No step by step process that the client wants to see everything.

Make sure no mirrors are sitting up in front of her while you’re painting her face. There’s no halfway point where she asks, can I take a look and see what you’re doing? No, none of that is acceptable.

You don’t allow it.

Expect to nix this process from your trials if you’re doing it. It drives me so crazy when I hear that clients are put in front of mirrors, or the client wants to see the process step by step. How can you get to a successful closing if the whole time the client is just focused on staring at herself in a mirror and watching you try to correct things and fumble along the way? If you’re doing that, the client will see when things were not correctly tweaked; she is going to focus on all of the negatives. This is not OK. 

Do not allow the client to ever look at herself or peak until you are finished and ready to show her what the look is going to look like until you’re ready to show her. She should not see it. I can’t be more clear about that. 

Sorry, I get a little excited, but this is like a hot topic for me.  

Final Makeup Reveal

Moving on, it’s time for the final reveal. How do you do this? Again let’s set you and your client up for success, don’t let them look at the final reveal in person, right away.

  • Take a Picture.
  • Use your beauty ring light.
  • The beauty ring light shows the same light that photographers use.
  • Show and tell her this is the reveal photo.
  • Bring her to the mirror.

Always take a picture through your beauty ring light and show them the reveal in the photo first. The reason that this is important is that let’s face it, the whole trial, the entire purpose of your bridal trial is that the bride wants to see how she’s going to look on her wedding day. Your ring light is access to that information. Why would you allow her to look at herself in-person versus photographing her final look through a ring light? The ring light is going to show her exactly how she will look on the wedding day; it is the same lighting as most photographers flashes. It makes no sense. 

Before a final reveal you take a photograph of your bride prop her up, tossel her hair just a little bit, sometimes the hair will be up in a bun or or kind of messy, bring it forward, toss a little bit, set her up nice and straight, and take that photo of her. Tell her this is the reveal photo, and that is how I’m going to do my final reveal. 

When she sees that, she’s going to be like, Oh, my gosh, This looks amazing. She should fall in love with the photo if she doesn’t. We’re doing something wrong. You might need to take one of my makeup classes, and I can walk you through that. 

Chances are you’ve done everything right. Your artistry is on point, and you’re not going to have that issue. 

You photographed her the right way. Pose her the right way through this lighting. The final reveal will be a success, and then you can take her to see it in person.

Those are my final tips for running a successful smooth trial to get you just one step closer to that perfect closing. 

Bridal Makeup Trial Takeaways

  • Consultation starts with a conversation
  • Reiterate and educate your client.
  • No looking like till the end.
  • Take Pictures through the ring light.
  • Show photo before the reveal.

I hope that what we have talked about has helped you in some way.

I hope you continue growing to be the most fantastic beauty pros that you can be and kill this thing and grow your business. Let’s set you up for success here. If that’s something you’re interested in, it is available. I will make it available to all of you. Contact me for more information, subscribe to my email list.


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